I am driven to learn as much as I can about as much as I can. In the old days, such a person would be called a polymath. Now we say “generalist” and make it sound like a bad thing. (Someone has to see the big picture being worked on by specialists). These are some of my interests, some that I am working on now and others that will be for another day.

Further study

Though I have an undergraduate and two graduate degrees (MBA and international studies), I would love to learn any of the following in a classroom context:

  • Anthropology
  • Communication Studies
  • Computer Science / Software Engineering
  • Psychology
  • Sociology
  • History
  • Urbanism
  • Architecture
  • Literature (English, French, the Classics)
  • Law
  • Physics
  • International Studies (Ph.D.)


  • My native tongue is English
  • I am fluent in all facets of French; I have studied it since the age of 6 and lived in French all of my years as an adult
  • I learned Spanish in college and then in some community centre classes. I can read business correspondence, newspapers such as El País, and other Spanish-language sites and publications on subjects that I have some familiarity with
  • I learned some German in college. My vocabulary is limited but I remember the big picture.
  • I started learning Japanese when I was working in the video game industry and dealing with Sony and Nintendo. I have visited Japan on 3 occasions and can’t wait to go back
  • I have continued to feed my interest in languages with audio courses from the Great Courses (aka The Teaching Company) as well as books that describe how languages develop and evolve over time. This has helped me quickly pick up languages adjacent to the ones I know
    • On a trip to Barcelona, I taught myself to be able to read Catalan. (I can also muddle through written Portuguese.)
    • On a trip to Italy, I found myself being able to read both Italian and Latin
  • On a trip to Ukraine and Russia, I taught myself to read Cyrillic characters, enabling me to make out signs and menu items that borrowed from Germanic or Romance languages