New sections and pages now online

I created new pages that:

Back online

After a brief hiatus due to a number of technical difficulties—namely a very underpowered server in my provider’s shared hosting package—and other distractions—including a complete overhaul and re-design of my consulting business’ website and some interesting personal development with long term ramifications that I don’t fully grasp or exploit)—this site and the accompanying blog are back online and will be updated going forward.

Now let us carpe diem.

My blog post for the Canada Running Series

As a Digital Champ for the 2015 Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon, I was asked to write a post for their blog.

Titled “Getting to the Start Line. Running to the Finish Line”, it was published on Monday and recounts my voyage from out of shape guy on the cusp of turning 40 to guy who just finished his 21st marathon in his first 6 years of competitive running.

CRS blog screenshot

I also added some lessons learned, tips and tricks, etc.

I hope you enjoy it !

STWM Training in Review (Weeks 2-8 of 20)

What the heck happened you ask ? Tell me you have been training, you say.

Well, a new job happened. And a lot of travel came with it. I was on the road for 3.5 out of the first 5 weeks. 2 of them in a hot, hostile environment known as the Dallas Metroplex. 2 weeks in there with zero, yes 0, running. Ouch.

Some highlights and lowlights nonetheless.

I went running near San Jose, California. Warnings about mountain lions notwithstanding, it was amazing.

I went running across the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, something I will always remember doing. It makes me want to run the San Francisco Marathon sooner rather than later.

And here is that run:

I went running in Plano, a city in the northern suburbs of Dallas. You have to get up and hit the road early to avoid the heat. The roads are made of concrete and there were sidewalks to nowhere:

Or sidewalks that aren’t straight and that come to an abrupt end:

I ran the 20km Jazz Run tune-up run in The Beaches area of Toronto. It was an official tune-up run for the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon.

And here are my results; not too shabby I guess for someone who missed a lot of runs:

I ran a pretty intense track workout a few days later:

And then a 163km bike ride the following weekend:

I also became a pace bunny for the Quebec City Marathon on August 30th. I have been asked to be a pacer for the 3:45 marathon using a 10:1 run/walk approach. That works out to 5:00/km when running and about 12:00/km when walking for an average of 5:15/km. Should be a lot of fun, but I would be lying if I told you I wasn’t a little bit nervous.

Which brings me to 12 weeks to go until the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon. At the end of this week I fly to Bangalore, India for 2 weeks on business. I plan to go running in Cubbon Park and have already signed up for a 10-km race called the PUMA Urban Stampede on the middle weekend.

Thanks for stopping by !

A week in review

Strava had this to tell me at the end of the day on Sunday.

Activites ending 2015-05-24

As you can see, I have been pretty busy during this awkward period of being in-between marathons. The GoodLife Fitness Toronto marathon was at the end of the first week. I ended this past one with a 130km bike race in Grey County, Ontario.

As a result of Sunday’s bike race, I scored the right to purchase that awesome jersey for climbing 6000m or more in June. Guess who is about to place a birthday present order.


I am currently at 7156m and could add another 2200 more this coming Sunday if I wanted to but I might take a pass in order to get some rest for my marathon on June 7th.

This Monday (today) marks 20 weeks until the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon for which I am digital ambassador. I saw my picture featured in an ad on Facebook and took a screen capture. That’s me in the middle of the bottom row.


My training plan covers 18 weeks, so technically speaking, I still have a few weeks off but I’ll be continuing to build base miles in there nonetheless, while also making the most of the cycling season. (I have a major cycling goal event on June 27th in western Maryland.)