STWM Training in Review (Week 1 of 20)

This was the first week of a 20-week training plan for the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon. 65 of those km came in the last 4 days, including a sub 1:44 solo half-marathon on Thursday night. If it wasn’t for Strava’s monthly training series and its ability to motivate me to go above and beyond, I would not have run 18km this evening.


Because I hit the road this evening, I got to 200km for the month of May. The month of May is typically a dead month for me, coming on the heels of a marathon the first weekend. Not this time. So I earned the May challenge badge.


The last 4 weeks look like this. As you can see, no biking this past week. Still getting over that nasty 130km bike race and the 8 hour drive back to Montreal that got me to bed past 2 am on Sunday night.Strava-week-2015-05-31

Ok. I’m tired. I have a marathon coming up this Sunday, followed by a 3-week of serious climbing on the bike to get me ready for a 200km ride with 16,500 feet. I also need to get back into cycling more. And I am thinking of signing up for the Quebec City Marathon in late August too; that would get me 4 marathons for the year.

Did I mention I was tired ? Not like it changes much.