A week in review

Strava had this to tell me at the end of the day on Sunday.

Activites ending 2015-05-24

As you can see, I have been pretty busy during this awkward period of being in-between marathons. The GoodLife Fitness Toronto marathon was at the end of the first week. I ended this past one with a 130km bike race in Grey County, Ontario.

As a result of Sunday’s bike race, I scored the right to purchase that awesome jersey for climbing 6000m or more in June. Guess who is about to place a birthday present order.


I am currently at 7156m and could add another 2200 more this coming Sunday if I wanted to but I might take a pass in order to get some rest for my marathon on June 7th.

This Monday (today) marks 20 weeks until the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon for which I am digital ambassador. I saw my picture featured in an ad on Facebook and took a screen capture. That’s me in the middle of the bottom row.


My training plan covers 18 weeks, so technically speaking, I still have a few weeks off but I’ll be continuing to build base miles in there nonetheless, while also making the most of the cycling season. (I have a major cycling goal event on June 27th in western Maryland.)