Tuesday Track Night (4 x 5 min intervals)

Yet another Tuesday Track night with the Club des Coureurs sur Route du Mont-Saint-Bruno (CCRMSB), my running club on the south shore of Montreal.

Tonight’s workout was a core of 4 intervals of 5 minutes each, with an option to run a 5th one. For each interval, I had to run 3 laps plus 50 metres, so a total of 1250 metres in 5 minutes. That worked out to an average goal pace of 3:55 min/km.

It was a windy evening, pretty warm too (high 20s) and high allergy season. Felt weird (digestion?) so only ran the core 4. The mental toughness was not there tonight. It happens.

That being said, I biked this the previous evening, so I am probably a bit fatigued.

I have a bike race on Sunday: 128.9km with about 1760m of climbing, so just some basic base miles of running for the rest of the week. 2.5 more weeks until my pace bunny duties kick in on June 7th.