3 weeks until pace bunny duties

I am running the Marathon Baie-des-Chaleurs on June 7th as a pace bunny for the 3:45 group.

This is my first time officially pacing a group so I am training for it, even though I just ran the GoodLife Fitness Toronto Marathon 2 weeks ago (May 3rd, in a time of 3:23:06 or an average of 4:45/km).

This morning I ran 22km at 5:15 min/km, which is just under the official pace goal time of 5:19 min/km. I plan to round my race pace down to 5:15 min/km in order to account for two factors and get my group to the finish line on time.

First, unless you hit the apex of every curve perfectly while running, you will inevitably run more than 42.2km during a marathon. The second factor is GPS drift, which is a simple way of saying that GPS is not perfectly accurate, at least if you are not in the military. And even then. It is therefore not unusual to finish a marathon and have your watch say that you ran 42.4km or 42.6km. (In Toronto 2 weeks ago, my watch said that I had ran 42.8km. Even though I was on goal pace, I ended up being 2 minutes or more above my goal time because of the extra few hundred metres.)

Here is this morning’s run at the Brossard Dix-30 Running Room, courtesy of Garmin and Strava: