Spreading some wings

My post on the difference between a product and a solution was picked up by Hacker Noon, a publication on Medium and so viewings and readings of my article have blown past 500. I am not one to judge the value of an article based on the view count alone—I enjoyed the creative exercise and will refer to it later in my business dealings—but it was nice to see it get picked up and to see readers highlight the points that spoke to the most to them. I’m posting the link here again; the neon green banner is added to all article shared in the Hacker Noon publication.


Another article was picked up by a sister publication called ART + marketing. In this case, it was one of my first articles on Medium from 2014.




New sections and pages now online

I created new pages that:

Back online

After a brief hiatus due to a number of technical difficulties—namely a very underpowered server in my provider’s shared hosting package—and other distractions—including a complete overhaul and re-design of my consulting business’ website and some interesting personal development with long term ramifications that I don’t fully grasp or exploit)—this site and the accompanying blog are back online and will be updated going forward.

Now let us carpe diem.

My blog post for the Canada Running Series

As a Digital Champ for the 2015 Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon, I was asked to write a post for their blog.

Titled “Getting to the Start Line. Running to the Finish Line”, it was published on Monday and recounts my voyage from out of shape guy on the cusp of turning 40 to guy who just finished his 21st marathon in his first 6 years of competitive running.

CRS blog screenshot

I also added some lessons learned, tips and tricks, etc.

I hope you enjoy it !