New writings

The big thing I worked on recently was a 50 page eBook on the subject of digital transformation for my customer, Nubik, a provider of Salesforce solutions. They put on a series of lunch and learn events in the North East to promote it.

This was the promotional imagery:

Express Train

It’s the idea of getting on the train or being left behind. 🙂

I also wrote a couple of blog posts that built off some of the themes covered in the ebook:

New articles published

Some of my client work was recently published.

  • Blog post on using a Salesforce’s Field Service Lightning to improve the productivity of field service personnel; includes a case study
  • Core product page that I wrote for my client’s implementation services for Field Service Lightning

Earlier in the summer, I did the same thing (blog and product page) for a Salesforce quoting solution, where CPQ stands for “configure, price, quote”:

  • Blog post on Salesforce CPQ, with a customer case study
  • Product page for implementation services for Salesforce CPQ

Spreading some wings

My post on the difference between a product and a solution was picked up by Hacker Noon, a publication on Medium and so viewings and readings of my article have blown past 500. I am not one to judge the value of an article based on the view count alone—I enjoyed the creative exercise and will refer to it later in my business dealings—but it was nice to see it get picked up and to see readers highlight the points that spoke to the most to them. I’m posting the link here again; the neon green banner is added to all article shared in the Hacker Noon publication.

Another article was picked up by a sister publication called ART + marketing. In this case, it was one of my first articles on Medium from 2014.